Briefly, I raised teacher quality with a number of folks in Topeka during our January meeting. We will be talking about teacher quality in 2020.

Simply, we have fantastic teachers whose salaries should be raised by 50 percent tomorrow morning.

We have mediocre teachers who genuinely need professional development to get better. Most of these people are actually good and deserving of our total support. They need to improve a bit. But then, who among us couldn’t stand a little improvement?

We have awful teachers who have no business being in front of children.

Thankfully, the percentage of truly lousy teachers is 15 percent or less, but it’s close to one-in-seven. That is too high.

And poor, hardscrabble schools get more than their share of the less-than-quality instructors. Low SES districts (low socioeconomic status) tend to get more of our inexperienced teachers and the castoffs from other districts. The very schools that need better teachers because it is harder to teach effectively there are saddled with a higher percentage of poor or lousy teachers. WE can do better. Kansans Can.

Better schools, fewer rules.