Issue Description

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum – “From many, one.” Our society and political system is about as fragmented, and partisanally broken as it has ever been. We need to repair this, and find a voice of unity. I am an engineer and my job as a U.S. Senator, as I see it, will be to build bridges. Now, I’m not literally a structural engineer. I have never designed a physical bridge across a river. I have, however, assisted the Department of Education to bring together a wide variety of interests to help launch an initiative – the Kansan Moonshot – to redesign public schools in Kansas from the inside-out. We can have great schools across America if we change a few things. Some fixes are bottom-up, and some are top-down. We will unify the nation when public education serves all children regardless of parental income or zip code.