We Catholics have given up much for Lent this year, most of it through no choice of our own.

Today Mary Pat and I “attended Mass” in our living room.  It was a real Mass, with our real Priests, Fr. Mike and Fr. Al, from a real chapel in our real Parish. We  watched our priests on our big screen in our living room, in living color, from the chapel at our church in Leawood, Kansas.

But the Eucharist… I miss it. No precious blood, no Corpus Christi. For non-Catholics that’s simply a wheat wafer and wine.

I want my country back. I want my church.

Here is what the federal government should do on the COVID-19 Rescue Package:

Give money directly to people. Directly to people, not to companies, not to government agences, not to business people, and not to bureaucrats.

Instead, the rescue package should go directly to citizens. DIRECTLY TO CITIZENS. Give the Post Office the authority to parcel things out, with a check-and-balance with local banks. Of course it has to be local. The check and the balance to this huge federal stimulus must be authenticated locally.

A quick calculation: $2.2 Trillion divided among 220 million households is $10,000 per household.

Here is a fast bet: I will bet any amount that everything I get to replenish the $1700 per week I was generating as an Uber and Lyft driver will be much less than $10,000. Betcha. And even ten grand will not replenish the more-than-six-weeks of income. And I am just an Uber guy.