Steve Roberts is the Kansas Senate Republican candidate who knows how to fix schools, and he’s ready to represent Kansas and take his passion for education to Washington DC. He brings a wealth of badly needed practical professional and political experience to Washington DC, having been previously employed as both a Math teacher in the classrooms and an Engineer in the field. Steve Roberts has also served 2 elected terms on the Kansas State Board of Education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri (1982) and a Master’s in Education from Grand Canyon University (2007).

“I know how to fix schools.”

Steve Roberts is a change agent. His seven years on the Kansas State Board of Education have resulted in a redesign of Kansan public schools from the inside out. Five months after Steve published his Talking Points to “Fix American Education Beginning in Kansas” the Department of Education in the Sunflower State began in earnest to do something that had never been done before: to make Public Schools work well for any student, for any child, for any family who wants it. Kansas is on track now to lead the world success of each student, and Kansans need Steve to continue this work by representing them in Washington, D.C..

Family values are important to Steve. He is Pro-Life, and a devoted Catholic husband to his wife, Mary Pat, a father to his four children, and grandfather to five grandchildren whom all live in the Kansas City area.

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During Steve’s elected service on the Kansas board of education, he authored a talking points paper as a guide to reforming public education to make our schools work again. The talking points are a pillar of his platform and we invite you to read them as well.

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