I am joining the Knights of Columbus. For years I have told myself, “I will join the Knights after I am done with politics.”

I expect to be done with big-time politics on August 5th, the day after the Republican primary. Roger, Kris, Susan, or Dave will likely be the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate, presumably to take on Barbara Bollier, who happens to be one of my four state senators. She switched to the Democrat side of the aisle several months ago. Each member of the State Board of Education “has” four state senators in their territory. Forty state senators, ten members of the board; the arithmetic is easy. We each have four state senators in our school board district.

My fellow board member, Jim McNiece of Wichita, says he joined the Knights “so I will have people show up at my funeral.” A fellow Catholic, I was most gratified that he joined a 4-to-6 vote to discuss the proposed Kansan constitutional amendment known as “Value them Both.” Indeed, my motion to discuss failed in a 4-to-6 vote on our ten-member board, but at least some of my fellow board members seem willing to discuss it.

We have to stop killing ourselves. This includes innocent lives in the womb. It is time to stand up.

Watch the video. Consider faith and reason. Consider, please, Steve Roberts to represent you in the United States Senate.

I really do know how to fix schools for poor kids without breaking the bank. Really.

I look forward to explaining just how little regard our Native Americans have for Columbus Day. Indians have no use for Columbus or his day.

We can have great schools for any family who wants it, regardless of income or zip code. We can. Lord willing, we will.